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NEA-Retired Executive Council Report

                                       by Bobbie Margo 

When last I wrote about the Exec Council, it was in the Summer 2020 issue. In that article, I explained background Council details and duties and the “make-up” of the Council itself. 

Presently the Council has 7 Committees: Membership, Communications, Legislative, Scholarship, Grants, PAC Fund Raising Events, Governance. These committees zoom throughout the year in order to develop positive strategies and information that can be useful to our members. Committee make-up is grassroots members from all over the U.S. 

The Exec Council also met virtually on January 14 with NEA Secretary/Treasurer Noel Candelaria to discuss the NEA budget. NEA-R is a part of this budget, and at the time of this writing, the current Retired budget will remain as is. EXCELLENT!!!! The Council will be zooming as a body on February 16-17. Agenda items will include Committee progress reports and continued planning for the Virtual 2021 NEA-R Annual Meeting (June 29-30), with Presidents’ Training (July1) 

The Council has been able to remain viable and connected with zoom. Nevertheless, all of us are hoping to see and to be face-to-face; sooner rather than later! 


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