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Mike Resman

Mike ResmanMike Resman retired from the Rochester School District in 2007, after working as an Occupational Therapist for 25 years. He has not been idle in his retirement. He is a prolific author and is also a lay minister in his church. He is a graduate of the Occupational Therapy Program at the U of M and first worked at the Rochester State Hospital until it closed in 1981. He then went to NYU, where he received his Master's degree, after which he returned to Rochester to work in the public schools.


While working for the district, he was active in the teachers' union, serving as a negotiator and was on the executive board. This work has inspired him to write the book Bad Blood and Economics, a historical account of teacher strikes in Minnesota. He remembers the Rochester strike when the temperature was -54 wind chill. He shared that he didn't even know who was out beside him picketing, because of all the clothes

they had to wear to keep warm.


The non-fiction book about teacher strikes was written with the hope of helping to prevent strikes in the future. Part of that effort was documenting what has happened in the past, and another part was urging respectful and collaborative relationships within school districts. He believes that significant changes in contracts will not happen only during formal collective bargaining, but should be discussed much in advance.

Both sides need to work together to find solutions to the issues and not hold firm on their own point of view.


Mike published the novel, Iron Finns several years ago, honoring the struggles of the immigrants in northern Minnesota iron mines. Another of his books is a children's picture book about forgiveness titled The Villagers. Illustrated in Kenya, it is bilingual-appearing in both English and Swahili. Like all of his books, it reflects his spiritual life.

Mike's new piece of work is Mailmen of Elmwood. This is a fictionalized historical account of our state hospitals in Minnesota. He is also working on another children's book with a theme of being merciful. It is bilingual in English and Spanish and is illustrated in South America.


Check out all of Mike's books on We wish him all the success in his new vocation. He is a true retiree in action.

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