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Member Benefits

Education Minnesota Retired will no longer be printing pocket calendars. 

However, AFT pocket calendars are available for the coming school year.

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“Member Benefits Overview”

By Bobbie Margo


At the 2013 Education Minnesota Retired Fall Conference, Shelley MacDonald

gave an excellent session on “Member Benefits Overview.” MacDonald says

that now much younger Education Minnesota members are attending the

Economic Services Benefits workshops. “Union Education” has now also

become a part of these workshops, and a “tie-in” is a 1/2 page ad in every

issue of THE EDUCATOR, under the title “Members Want To Know.” Active

Education Minnesota members need to know the reasons to value a strong/

active union along with maintaining that union presence in


 JOIN to keep Access to Education Minnesota ESI Member Benefits Programs.



JOIN  to remain affiliated with Education Minnesota, AFT, NEA, and AFL-CIO.


JOIN  to actively participate in the political action and legislative efforts on such important issues as pension benefits and retiree medical insurance.


JOIN  to retain the opportunity to participate in Education Minnesota ESI, AFT, and NEA Member Benefits programs (e.g.) discounted long-term care insurance, and financial services, Investments, asset management, guaranteed issue life insurance, credit cards, travel, auto & home insurance, auto