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Resolutions for 2022 Caucuses

Precinct Caucus Resolutions


Resolution supporting Age Friendly Minnesota Communities

WHEREAS: There are approximately one million older adults in Minnesota, and that number is growing rapidly soon to exceed the number of children. Older adults may face challenges related to financial security, housing, transportation, healthcare, employment and social service needs;   

Whereas: Age-Friendly MN is a collaborative statewide effort to make our systems and communities more inclusive of and responsive to older adults to prepare for an aging population and ensure that they are valued and integrated into communities at a new level;    

Therefore be it resolved: That elected leaders at all levels of government in Minnesota support the designation as Age-Friendly and work with senior residents and local advocates to make their town, city, county or state an age-friendly place to live. 

Resolution supporting passage of the Social Security Act of 2021 

Whereas: Social Security is the lynch pin of retirement security for millions of American seniors and 

Whereas: A significant number of seniors, especially older women, are denied Social Security benefits because of WEP & GPO exemptions in the current law, and 

Whereas: As currently funded the Social Security Trust Fund has a limited source of funding, expected to be depleted by the mid 2030’s, and 

Whereas: The proposed Social Security Act of 2021 (HF5723 [Larson] and SF3071 [Blumenthal]) rectifies these and other shortcomings in the current law and strengthens and continues a better Social Security Act into the future. 

Be it Resolved that: The (name of political party) support passage of the Social Security Act of 2021 (HR5723 & SF3071) and urge our Federal Senators & Representatives to sign on to and vote to support the Social Security Act of 2021. 

Resolution Supporting Aging in Place

Whereas: Aging in place is the best and most cost-effective way for senior citizens to thrive and continue to be healthy, secure and productive.  

Whereas: The Mn Choice program, as an example, gives MN citizens information about the support available to them as life changes occur, most often due to loss of abilities as a result of health or aging issues. It provides information to be independent in their own home space. 

Therefore be it resolved:  The (name of political party) supports legislation to support state programs and initiatives that provide in-home services and supports to improve the ability for seniors to age in place in their own homes.   

Be it further resolved: The (name of political party) supports expanding, improving and fully funding all programs that constitute a viable safety net for Minnesota’s senior citizens to stay in their homes, provides efficient and convenient transportation, and assures secure public safety. 

Resolution Supporting a State Process Limiting Increases in Drug Prices  

Whereas: life-saving medical prescriptions are being priced so high that many seniors can’t afford to purchase prescription medications that their physicians prescribe,  

Whereas: Medicare is prevented from negotiating drug prices and many Minnesota seniors get caught in the “donut hole”,   

Therefore be it resolved: The (name of political party) supports a state process to limit the increase in costs of over-the-counter and prescription medications. 

Resolution Supporting Funding for PCAs, home healthcare workers   

Whereas: providers of home health care services for seniors and persons with disabilities are failing due to lack of funds and workers,   

Therefore be it resolved: The MN AFL-CIO supports an increase in pay of Personal Care Attendants and in-home health care workers who provide services to assist seniors’ ability to stay in their homes.  

Be it further resolved: The (name of political party) supports raising the reimbursement rate to home-health agencies that employ PCAs to ensure a skilled and available personal care workforce.

Resolution Supporting Clarification of State Laws Affecting Volunteer Drivers

The Minnesota Legislature needs to clarify laws affecting volunteer drivers and organizations that provide volunteer driver programs to ensure the availability, accessibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness of senior transportation services. 

Therefore be it resolved: Minnesota bills HF 586 (House) and SF748 (Senate) that clarify state law with respect to insurance coverage for volunteer drivers should be supported and passed.

Be it further resolved: Minnesota bills HF991 (House) and SF961 (Senate) that exclude taxation on cost reimbursements for volunteer drivers should also be supported and passed.

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