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Report of the NEA Retired Executive Council

                          REPORT OF THE NEA-RETIRED EXECUTIVE COUNCIL                                                                                                          By Bobbie Margo

NEA Retired was formed in 1951, and it since has become a powerhouse of activism-working closely with NEA and its mission.  NEA-R has representation on NEA’s Board of Directors, on NEA’s Resolutions Committee, and has its own Executive Council.

The Executive Council is comprised of the NEA Retired President, V-P, and Secretary along with 6 At-Large members.  Executive Council positions are elected by the delegates to the NEA-Retired Annual Meeting, are for three year terms, with a two term limit.

One of these Executive Council positions is held by Bobbie Margo, who is currently in her first three year term.  Margo’s position is to represent all of the 300,000+ members of NEA Retired.  Nevertheless, she also serves as a liason to Education Minnesota Retired.  The Retired Executive Council is presently preparing for a virtual meeting on May 4-5.  Planning at the May meeting will include the virtual agenda for the NEA Retired Annual Meeting to be held on June 29-30.


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