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NEA Retiree Executive Council

                                            By Bobbie Margo 

When last I wrote about the Exec Council, it was in January, 2021. Presently the Council has 8 Committees: Membership, Communications, Legislative, Scholarship, Grants, PAC Fund Raising Events, Governance, and Elections. These Committees have ZOOMED throughout the year in order to develop strategies and information which can be useful to our members. Committee make-up is grassroots members from throughout the U.S. 

The Exec Council is a smaller version of the aforementioned committees. As of this writing, the Council is working to establish Award recipients in the Membership, Communications, and Scholarship areas. The silent auction (held in connection with the NEA Summit and the NEA-Retired Conference-held this past March) raised $33,000+. Another auction is being planned around the upcoming Virtual NEA- Retired Annual Meeting (June 23-24, 2021) 

The Exec Council will meet virtually as a body on May 3, 4, 5, 2021. Agenda items will include Committee annual “progress” reports; elections Bylaws and procedures will be discussed, as well as continued planning for the Virtual 2021 NEA-Retired Annual Meeting. All three officers (Becky Pringle, Princess Moss, and Noel Candalaria) are also scheduled to speak. 

The Executive Council has been able to remain viable and connected with Zoom. This platform has provided the opportunity to accomplish a great deal of work and planning. Nevertheless, the hope is that we will BE and that we will BE SEEN face- to-face, sooner rather than later!!! 


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