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NEA Retired Executive Council Meeting



The NEA-Retired Executive Council met face-to-face in the NEA Building May 3-5, 2022.  During these days-as the schedule permitted-there were greetings from the 3 NEA Executive Officers along with presentations dealing with legislation, upcoming elections, information detailing items in the upcoming Retired Annual Meeting, information from the NEA Center For Governance, etc.

Committee reports were presented by Council members:  Communications Newsletter Awards, the new Spirit of Membership Award, the Distinguished Service Award.  These Awards will be presented at the Retired Annual Meeting June 29-30 which will be held (in Chicago) both virtually and face-to-face.

By the numbers:  watch for information regarding Retired Annual Meeting Registration, dates given to the Council are in the timeframe of May 31-June 10.  Register ASAP.

Total RETIRED PAC donations: 2018-2019 - $657,866.15; 2019-2020 - $755,148.00; 2020-2021 - $250,028.04; 2021-2022 – on going.

Retired membership numbers:  336,472    We show an increase in membership.

Nevertheless TOTAL NEA membership is down 15,000 teachers and 5,000 ESP members, bringing the total count as of this writing to 2,893,556.

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