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Joint Conference-ED MN Ret. and WEAC Retired



This year’s 3rd Annual Joint Conference with ED MN-R and WEAC-R was held FACE-TO-FACE on November 16, 2021 at the Holiday Inn Lake Elmo, MN.

Approx 70 individuals attended.

A silent auction was held, $2,345.00 was raised for the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education; way to go RETIREES!!!

Special guest-Ronald Duff-from Wisconsin and newly elected to the NEA Executive Committee brought greetings.

Ronald (Duff) Martin, NEA  Executive Committee

Special guest NEA-R President Sarah Borgman brought greetings from the 327,000+ members of NEA-Retired.  This past year NEA-R members contributed $250,000.00+ (seriously) to the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education.  In her remarks, Borgman reminded us that we owe our economic security to unions.

President Sarah Bourgman

Guest John Stocks-former Executive Director of NEA-spoke of the political possibilities regarding the 2024 elections.  Biden possibly will not run, Trump will run.  Texas/Florida are out of reach.  Arizona/Georgia have already passed laws to suppress voters.  Four states constitute the BLUE WALL-MN, WI, MI, PA.  Most important in Minnesota is to re-elect Tim Walz for Governor.

Five breakout sessions were offered.

The conference closed at 4:00pm.  Plans are already underway for a 4th joint conference-with the venue to be in Wisconsin.

Plan to attend-the 4th  annual  joint conference-it is time, energy, and money well spent!

Bernie Burham, VP Ed MN
Juliie, Sarah Borgman,NEA Ret. Pres. Tom Zigan, WEAC Retired Pres.

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