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EMR Fall Breakfast, October 22, 2022



The Education Minnesota Retired Fall Breakfast was held on October 20, 2022 at the St. Paul River Center Convention Center.  Approximately 35 individuals attended and enjoyed a delightful breakfast.  As of this writing on October 20, there are 19 days until the mid-term elections.  AND…EVERY ELECTION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION, nevertheless this IS the most significant election in our lifetime-which will impact collective bargaining.

Several guests echoed the undeniable importance of the upcoming election.

AFT President Randi Weingarten stated that our election now is one between hope and fear; democracy and autocracy.  Our young people now are protected because of the work that retirees have done with collective bargaining.  All educators are NOT painted with the same paintbrush.  She urged us to continue to fight for what is right and for what is decent.

Candidate for re-election to State Auditor-Julie Blaha spoke of her fight to protect the high standards that Minnesota is known for in Government operation and finances.  She continues to educate local leaders with the training, data, and analysis needed to make the best, most informed decisions in communities across Minnesota.

Education Minnesota Officers Denise Specht, Monica Byron, and Rodney Rowe also spoke.  All three officers had many positive comments about the wonderful job our educators are doing in our schools despite daily challenges.  Nevertheless, there are 1,000 fewer teachers/educators in our schools today than 1 year ago.  In the Minneapolis School District there are presently 400 vacancies.  A main reason for these numbers is that we are not fully funding our education systems.

The breakfast ended with a drawing for door prizes.  Plan to attend the Education Minnesota Retiree Breakfast in October 2023.  There will be a delightful breakfast, informed speakers, and retiree bonding.  See you there!!

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