Pensions-TRA and PERA

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PERA Report

As of July 1, 2020, the PERA General Employees Retirement Plan (the “Plan”) had a funding ratio of 79.1%.  Collectively, the statewide funds in Minnesota including those administered by PERA, MSRS, and TRA have a funding ratio of 80.6%.  The national average for pension plans is about 73.8%.

EdMN Retired TRA Report

                        ED MN Retired TRA Column  December 25, 2020  Martha Lee (Marti) Zins, chair TRA

Defined Benefit vs Defined Contributions

By Marti Zins TRA Representative on Retired Governing Board

Frequently people ask why it is important to maintain a pension plan for teachers and why worry if it is a defined benefit (DB) plan or a defined contribution (DC) plan. Let’s take the issue apart for understanding.