Lifetime Short Call Substitute Teaching License

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Now that you are retired and want to do some short call substitute teaching, do you need to renew your current active license?  No.

What do I need to do get a license for short call substitute teaching?  Apply for a Lifetime Short Call Substitute Teaching License with the following steps: 

Go to the PEL(Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board – replacing the Board of Teaching) website:


Click on the Current Educators tab


In the drop down click on:  Apply for Additional License


Click on 2. Application for Lifetime Substitute


Print off the Application for a Lifetime Qualified Short-Call Substitute Teaching License

·        Fill out the Application

·        Section 3 needs verification from TRA before you send it into PELSB

·        Send in the completed form with $57 to PELSB


This will be a lifetime short call substitute teaching license…no other requirements or renewals neededJ