NEA Retired Executive Council Meeting

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The NEA-Retired Executive Council will be meeting virtually on February 14-17, 2022.  During these days-as the schedule permits-there will be speakers from the three NEA executive officers, along with presentations dealing with legislation, the NEA Foundation, NEA Executive Director, upcoming elections, the Center for Governance, etc…


Each member of the Exec Council is also responsible for a Virtual Committee.  Consequently, there will also be reports dealing with the progress/activities of these Virtual Committees.


My Committee is Communications.  The Committee was scheduled to meet 4 times during September 2021-May 2022.  My Committee has met three times; with the last meeting scheduled for April 21.  A major focus for the Communications Committee has been the revision of several of the Communications Awards Application Forms.  Revisions have been completed and the next step is for the entire Exec Council to vote to accept or to reject these revisions. Q a


As an aside, the Membership Committee will also be bringing-for a vote-to the entire Exec Council a new Membership Award Category entitled “SPIRIT OF MEMBERSHIP AWARD”.  Our own Judy Rohde ß was part of the subcommittee who worked to create this new award!!


A large block of time during these several days will be devoted to planning the RAM-the Retired Annual Meeting.  This year the plan is to have the meeting in-person AND virtually.


Finally, here are a few numbers with regard to the NEA-Retired PAC Fundraising for 2020-2021:

TOTAL PAC AMOUNT: $250,028.04

This amount is spread over 10,466 actual donations

The last Rep Assembly generated $84,997.72; spread over 719 donations.

Every auction-on line generated $66,113.00; spread over 1,056 donations.

These numbers are taken from the PAC Fundraising Committee Report which was presented during the October 12-14, 2021 Exec Council Meeting.  Our PAC Captain, John Lipke, will also have more fundraising numbers.