Message from Mueller

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Message From Mueller

By Bobbie Margo


Recently Education Minnesota Vice-President Paul Mueller spoke at the 2013

ED MN Retiree Fall Conference. Mueller reminded us that we need to do a

better job at recruiting members for Education Minnesota Retired. Every

year 3,000+ teachers retire; out of that number-on the average-200+

individuals join Education Minnesota Retired. Maintaining memberships in

professional education organizations keeps one connected, informed and



Our geographic neighbor (Wisconsin) had things happen a negative

way-in an instant-all labor rights/contract negotiations have simply ground

to a halt. If we ever are to move forward, we need to look back and to

realize where we have been and where we could be again. Mueller ended his

presentation to the retirees by stating his:


Top Ten Reasons to Rejoice Being 55 and Beyond


1) Kidnappers are not very interested

2) No one expects you to run away

3) People calling at either 9:00 a.m. or 9:00 p.m. say the same thing-“Did

I wake you up?”

4) You really have nothing to learn “the hard way”

5) You can sing out loud to elevator music (no one cares)

6) Things you buy now won’t wear out

7) You can quit holding your stomach in

8) Don’t worry about telling your friends any of your secrets-they won’t

remember them anyway

9) You can pretty much hide your own Easter eggs

10) Just be careful to never take sleeping pills and laxatives too close