EdMN Retired Board Openings

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Open Positions:  Governing Board  

After the May board meeting, Bob Millette was electied to the Treasurer's position, Roger Josephson was elected to district 7A,and Jeanne Brown-Kreusal was elected to the At-large positon.


The Retired Governing Board still has openings for directors representing districts 2b and 5. If you live in these districts, and wish to serve as director from that district, please contact Stephanie Berg at Stephanie.Berg@edmn.org by November 8. To see the district map go to our web page at http://retired.mn.aft.org.

If you apply for any of the positions, please be prepared to attend the Retired Governing Board meeting on November 15 and tell the Board why you would like to serve as a director. The Retired Governing Board will elect directors from those candidates who apply for these positions. If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Berg.