2020 EDMN Retired Annual Meeting April 24--Summary and Documents

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                             2020 EDUCATION MINNESOTA RETIRED ANNUAL MEETING                                                                                                         By Bobbie Margo

The  2020 Education Minnesota Retired Annual Meeting was held virtually (due to Covid 19) on Friday, April 24 at 1:00 pm CDT.  There were 39+ members in virtual attendance.

Prior to the virtual meeting, the agenda, committee reports, and the minutes of last year’s annual meeting were sent out.  President Jagusch welcomed the attendees and gave her “State of the Union” address.  Membership continues to increase (8,227 as of this writing) due to continuous membership, we are in good financial condition, and this year we will have 9 members representing us at the NEA Retired Annual Meeting and at the NEA Representative Assembly.  (these meetings will be held virtually)  We have a published print newsletter three times a year and the “INSIDER” which is published online on the first Wednesday of every month.

At the Annual Business portion of the Meeting, the financial report, standing committee reports, and election results were approved.  Proposed Bylaw revisions were also approved.

The final business of the Annual Meeting was the installation of officers and of the district Governing Board Directors.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:00pm.                                 

PDF icon 2020 Annual_Meeting_agenda.pdf

PDF icon 2020_Annual_Meeting_Committee_Reports_packet_final.pdf

PDF icon 2020 EM Retired_Annual_Meeting_4-26-19_Minutes_final.pdf

PDF icon 2020_Retired Financial Statemet_final_2.29.2020.pd