Statements of Principle

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Statements of Principle for Education Minnesota Retired  approved by Retired Governing Board November 14, 2016

Commitment to the Members

Education Minnesota Retired is responsive to the will of its members and is committed to promoting the welfare of each member by pursuing all political, legal, economic and professional support necessary. Education Minnesota will pursue this support though the development and enforcement of collective bargaining agreements, the promotion of local, state, and federal policies and legislative initiatives that ensure equitable compensation and retirement benefits, comprehensive health care, due process protection, continuing professional development and appropriate working conditions to ensure a successful career in education.


Commitment to the Profession

Education Minnesota Retired believes in promoting professional excellence in education. Professional excellence includes recruitment, effective training and retention of education professionals as well as ongoing support for retired educators. Education Minnesota Retired believes that all teachers and educational support professional who are involved in the direct student contact instructional process must be appropriately licensed or credentialed; this includes proper credentials for higher education faculty. Further, Education Minnesota Retired believes that all school related personnel must be trained and governed under internal mentoring and self-disciplining procedures.


Commitment to the Learners

Education Minnesota Retired believes in enhancing all areas of education for the learner and access to affordable life-long education. Education Minnesota Retired is committed to promoting the successful development of each learner. Learning environments should be safe, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and technologically current. Within these environments, Education Minnesota Retired is committed to promoting practices and policies that recognize different learners’ needs and the importance of family involvement.  


Commitment to Public Education and the Community

Education Minnesota Retired believes public education, early childhood through higher education, is the cornerstone of our social, economic and political structure. The involvement of the entire community is essential for the future of public education.


Commitment to Partner Organizations

Education Minnesota Retired believes members have the responsibility to work together to advocate collaboratively, for the benefit of retirees, with local, state and national partner organizations. 


Commitment to the Labor Movement

Education Minnesota Retired believes individuals are strengthened when they work together for the common good. As educational professionals and retirees, we improve both our professional status and the quality of public education when we unite and advocate collectively. As part of the larger labor movement, Education Minnesota Retired supports workers’ rights to bargain collectively and extending the benefits of unionization to the unorganized.


Commitment to Racial Equity and Social Justice

Education Minnesota Retired believes educators have a responsibility to help alleviate the racism, discrimination and poverty that prevent many Minnesota students from reaching their full potential. Education Minnesota Retired supports a statewide social justice and racial equity agenda, including opportunity for stable and secure retirement for all.