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NEA-Retired Executive Council Report

                                           NEA-RETIRED EXECUTIVE COUNCIL REPORT

                                                             By Bobbie Margo

The council met by Zoom for several days this past June to finalize the NEA-R Annual Meeting. (June 23-24, 2021). At the Annual Meeting Zoom was NOT used-there were snafus, but we managed.  And in the midst of it all, our own ED MN-R Walt Munsterman received the NEA.R DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD.  Way to go Walt!!  We are proud, proud, proud!!!

Elections for 3 Executive Council vacancies were conducted by secret mail-in ballot-after the Annual Meeting.  An incumbent for one of the positions was not re-elected. (That is always a shock!)

Heading into the Fall, Exec Council members are given a new list of their committee members and “Charges.”  In my case, I am chair of the Virtual Communications Committee-there are 24 Committee members and we meet three times a year.

The Exec Council is scheduled for their Fall meeting in DC (person-to-person) from October 11-15.  However as a “safety net” Zoom capabilities are also being planned.

The Exec Council Secretary vacancy was filled (elected) by Marilyn Warner FL.  Marilyn had previously been elected to a retired position on the NEA Board.  Consequently there is a one year vacancy for Marilyn’s position on the NEA Board.  The Exec Council will meet on Zoom on September 1 to vote to fill this one year vacancy.  Our By-Laws give the Exec Council the authority to do this.

The 2022 Summit-retired portion-will be held-hopefully in person-March 11, 12, 13 in Denver. The 2022 RA-hopefully in person-will be held July 2-6 in Dallas.

The final PAC numbers for the Retired are $250,028.04!  This is a 20% increase from last year!  WAY TO GO RETIREES!

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