Report of the NEA Retired Executive Council

                          REPORT OF THE NEA-RETIRED EXECUTIVE COUNCIL                                                                                                          By Bobbie Margo

NEA Retired was formed in 1951, and it since has become a powerhouse of activism-working closely with NEA and its mission.  NEA-R has representation on NEA’s Board of Directors, on NEA’s Resolutions Committee, and has its own Executive Council.

Elder Care/Elder Abuse Prevention

Are you concerned about Elder Care in Minnesota?  Click on this link to find out more about Elder Voice and what they have done, and continue to do, advocating for preventing Elder abuse.

Defined Benefit vs Defined Contributions

By Marti Zins TRA Representative on Retired Governing Board

Frequently people ask why it is important to maintain a pension plan for teachers and why worry if it is a defined benefit (DB) plan or a defined contribution (DC) plan. Let’s take the issue apart for understanding.